Little Flower Academy 2016

When the girls were pretty far behind, they just kept their heads up. And when they scored a point, whether it was a kill, ace, whatever, THEY WERE EXCITED. Jumped up and down, yelled, and clapped. They were pumped, which was more effective than just going through the motions, which helped us obtaining great results.

"Bantam Volleyball Season Ends

LFA's Bantam Volleyball team has shown that the future is extraordinarily bright for the volleyball program at LFA. The heartbreaking semi-final, third set loss (13-15) to St. Pat's was only the second loss of the season for our Angels, who before Tuesday had put together an incredible 26-1 season.
With such a strong group, there are many highlights. They didn't drop a single game (going 15-0) at either of their tournaments, finishing as the Bantam BC Catholics Champions and winning the Handsworth Invitational. Similarly, their league results (11-1) had them top of the table going into the playoffs.

Coach Marcelo Paz and teacher sponsor Sue Bryde were very proud of this amazing group of athletes. We're excited to follow their volleyball journey through highschool!

This year's Bantam team included (by jersey number):
Lucy Borowski 1
Solenne Le Billon 2
Annabelle Lui 3
Katelyn Wu 5
Megan Chan 6
Jayna Lunny 7
Brittany Lee 8
Erin You 10
Mya Brown 11
Emily Silva Pinto 12
Elysse Barfoot 13
Cailtin Ambrose 15
Congratulations Angels!"

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