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Help young athletes prepare for post secondary volleyball success by creating habits and skill sets that translate to higher levels of play.


One of the most common reasons parents pursue small group lessons for their kids is to develop a particular skill. Skill-specific small group lessons allow the coach to focus on the movement and technique of each athlete . Coaches can evaluate movement, look for flaws in technique and cue the athlete to make adjustments. The small group size allows each athlete to receive individualized feedback to help them improve.


Games experience is an important part of skill development. Mini Games allow the athletes to get the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as reading plays, decision making, and proper execution. In addition this format allows time for the athletes to ask questions of the coach, and also allows for more touches per (player) practice. Passing, setting, hitting, serving or blocking balls in a small group lesson provide higher reps than in a team practice. However, the focus will be on READING, DECISION MAKING, and EXECUTION.

I will assign the players “homework” to do on their own time. With any sport, the time you dedicate outside the gym fosters just as much growth as the time you spend with your team. I can assign wall drills or ball control drills that require nothing more than the athlete and a ball.

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