Technical Director Marcelo Paz

I'm Marcelo Paz, Brazilian-Canadian, affiliated with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA).

I have over 20 years of combined playing and teaching experience in volleyball. I have taught all levels – from beginners to University players. ages 11-23.

Member of Coaches Association of British Columbia since 2012.


V-ball Canada Coaching Centre

Performance Indoor Coach

Positive Coaching

Double Goal Coach Certified
Double Goal Coach II: Culture, Practices and Games Certified
Developing Triple - Impact Competitor

The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Comprehensive Course Pack
Karch Kiraly Training Package
Team Defense Course

Marcelo Paz
University Volleyball National Champion, 1995.


Mentoring opportunities

Not only can good coaches provide skill development, they can be outstanding mentors for young athletes. When coaches spend time with an athlete, they are also modeling time management, work ethic and pushing the limits of their abilities. A child responds differently to a coach than to a parent, and one-on-one settings create an environment where a person of influence can be a source of encouragement. When a coach believes in a player, it’s a powerful thing.

Bubble players

Not every player is trying to make it to the starting lineup. Some parents try several activities and their child takes to the one sport where they are not naturally talented. In this case, a parent may seek private instruction to get a child to a place where they can make a school team. The parent and/or the player are more interested in making a team and being a part of that camaraderie and community than they are in setting records. Private lessons can be a valuable part of this process for those athletes.

College scholarship aspirations

There are those players looking to tweak their game in an effort to secure a college scholarship. These players are usually very good already, but they have specific things they want to improve on that will help them play at the collegiate level. Private lessons can give pointed direction for these players.